During an Astro Tour night we set up at least two telescopes:

  • A Smith-Casegrain 8” (20cm) for observing Planets, the Moon and bright stars
  • Unistellar’s eVscope, an incredibly powerful telescope. This new technology telescope can observe deep sky objects even from urban environments. It can also transmit live images via WiFi so you can view and save images of the Cosmos directly on your mobile phone.

Prepare to be amazed!

Our Portable Telescopes

Smith-Casegrain 8”

Unistellar – eVscope

Smith-Casegrain 8”

In the summer we set up telescopes in fixed domes in Tymfi mountain area. You can visit them during a Private Astro Tour upon request. In winter months these telescopes are removed for storage. You can see them in the following pictures:

Sunspots Observations

Through special solar filters we can also observe sunspots in the Sun during the day.